Sneakerness and Kangaroos will release their first ever collaboration during the biggest neaker event in Europe: Sneakernes Cologne. This special collab takes inspiration from the bridges of Cologne and it's nicknamed “Green Bridges” to pay homage to the hometown of the event. The bridges are also pretty dreaded in Cologne owing to their old school radar stations.

The sneakers were also the inspiration for the official "Green Bridges" t-shirt, designed by the guys of the Egotrips Studio and produced exclusively for the Sneakerness and Kangaroos families. The chest illustration pick up one of this icon radar boxes, while on the back it's printed the main Cologne city map illustration of the bridges around the Rhine. You can also find this illustration printed inside the sneaker box but the undisputed key feature of the tee is the glow in the dark effect of the prints. Also the packing is a hit thanks to the fine notice that comes with every t-shirt.

If you don't want to miss the chance to put your hands on this dope project, be ready because the Sneakerness X Kangaroos "Green Bridges" kicks and the special tee by Egotrips will be available at the Need More booth during Sneakeness Cologne (Saturday 14 & Sunday 15.10.17) and in small quantities at the sneaker stores The Good Will Out (Cologne) and Afew(Dusseldorf).