Since Solebox guys thought that during the Fashion Week in Berlin there must have been a sneaker event 100% Made in Berlin, they decided that Wednesday, July 9th, would be the perfect day for the grand opening of the new store of Nurnberger Straße. To celebrate the first day of this new location, which is only a few steps far from the 'old' Solebox, they have organized a high-fashion oriented release by Reebok in collaboration with the German designer Patrick Mohr. The event has reached such success, and for the occasion the store was featuring only Reebok products designed by Mohr.



The new Solebox, which lays on two open-space floors, features a minimal-industrial-chic design, with shelves and metal walls totally customizable and white-varnished. The effect is so refined and the two spaces are well set up with a great sneaker selection and a few clothing items by Solebox. But the end of the ground floor saves the true diamond of the store: Solebot.



Within a special room, behind a glass wall, there is a computerized mechanical arm that, directly from the 'caveau' shelves, takes out for you the personalized metal boxes by Solebox that contain the most exclusive releases. Once the shoe of your size gets taken, the robot will place it in a specific drawer, where you can take it from. Solebot will assist you during the releases of the most exclusive sneakers, with hi-tech accuracy and style.



At the upper floor you will find a huge bunch of sneakers, and you can see a new warehouse, visible through a glass wall, with a compact mobile storage system. With this new opening Hikmet and Suekret, Solebox founders and owners, have built a high-level innovative store, detailed in the finishing and full of first-choice sneakers. If you happen to be in Berlin, the new Solebox is definitely a 'must see' you can't miss.