At the end of March we had the pleasure to attend the launch of the not for profit organization HEELING SOLES Inc., an organization that hopes to play a role in the eradication of poverty worldwide starting with one step, providing shoes to those that don’t have them. Founded by creative and visionary individuals in New York and London HEELING SOLES was borne out of the simple collection of shoes, many of those from the sneaker and shoe-collecting communities in the US and the UK, and the provision of those shoes to those in need.

But how can a pair of sneakers or shoes help fight poverty? A growing global problem, poverty lends itself to many pitfalls of our global and local communities. From rising incarceration rates to simply putting food on the table, poverty has its hold, deeply rooted. HEELING SOLES want to simplify things a bit. A pair of shoes, new or gently worn, donated by an individual, group or corporation, simply put, by people who care. Can something so simple make an impact? Can something that most take for granted change the world? Without question! A simple pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world of someone who has little to none and has lost all hope.  A simple pair of shoes can be the difference between empowering someone to be self-reliant and someone who will remain reliant on others.

The team at HEELING SOLES is entwined in the ever-growing sneaker culture and fashion world and active within the blogging community, music and arts. And in 2014 the members of that team were able to obtain huge donations of shoes from people within those spheres and change the minds of individuals about being able to help change a life – through a single pair of shoes.   Such was the response to the initiative in 2014, and the impact so positive those involved wanted to do more. Today HEELING SOLES launches firmly footed towards eradicating poverty, starting with a pair of shoes but also with a focus on supporting local projects and initiatives, helping strengthen and create infrastructures capable of supporting economic growth, providing assistance with training and education and helping to address the many problems faced by those who battle against poverty.  

We hope that you will support the amazing work. HEELING SOLES is in need of donations, material and monetary. Please get in touch, make a donation, feature HEELING SOLES on your blogs, social media, websites, on your Radio and TV shows, speak about the work to those that can help so that HEELING SOLES can muster the necessary resources and exposure needed to bring HEELING SOLES to the global stage, and help as many people as possible ‘Walk towards brighter futures’.


HEELING SOLES, helping people walk towards brighter futures...



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