The Californian brand VANS is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and to do so, they organized (for the first time in Italy) a two day event in Milan, jam-packed with skate, music, and art: the legendary House Of Vans. Held in the Ex-Cristallerie Livellara, the event kicked off Friday, April 8th, with an outdoor barbecue and skate demo in the street skate area set up inside the location. Later continued into the night with a series of live concerts and DJ sets that set the mood to Californian-inspired evenings full of surf, skate and waffle goodness. 
On Saturday, April 9th, the event regained momentum at noon with a series of events for all ages: skate school for kids, the exhibition dubbed "Vans Ink Art", made in collaboration with some of the most important Italian tattoo artists which decorated Vans made with synthetic skin and later decorated. And last but not least, the vintage market "East Market" which for the occasion was stocked with vintage pieces from 1966, year the brand was founded.
Of course the event wouldn’t be complete without a series of workshops dedicated to t-shirts printing and to the griptape customization, all surrounded by international DJ sets and skateboarding…
An amazing way of celebrating Vans, Off The Wall Since '66!