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TheSneakersBox is an international independent publishing project that comes from over 20 years of experience, passion and research, dedicated not only to the sneaker lovers as fans, but also to all those who simply wear them every day and want to know "what's out there", because " when you buy sneakers, you're not buying just a pair of shoes ... ".

TheSneakersBox is designed as a tool to improve and help anyone who wants to know and be known in the field of sneakers, is addressed both to fans that simple users of sneakers, as a tool to know what's on the world market, as a product is made, where to find it and know its history. TheSneakersBox is an interactive multimedia platform, a place to meet knowledge and passion.

All this can be achieved through the collaboration of dozens of "sneaker lovers" scattered around the world (fans, stores, artists, designers, athletes, etc..), contributing to the contents of this new project with interviews, reviews, analysis, insights, previews, technical content that come from a single source of life: a passion for what they do, and in this case, the sneakers.
TheSneakersBox... The World At Your Feet!

Paolo Beghini 


Guillermo Erice, Tommaso Fido, Thomas Semelliker,

El Zapatillaz Tio, Jaime Erice, Tommy Boudreau, Marcus Wessel,

Claudia Sevignani, Milo Zanghellini, Alain Citton, White Gloves,

Mark Watson, Leo Di Angilla, The Masked Panda



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